Below, I describe the activities in which I have engaged to further my teaching development. Additionally, I share how I have participated in a broader community of practice through publications and conference presentations on pedagogical practices I have employed in the classroom.

Workshops and Seminars on Teaching & Learning

Facilitator, Teaching Conference for First-Time International GSIs (Graduate Student Instructors) – University of California, Berkeley (August 2015). Led a practice teaching session for international graduate students who would be teaching at Berkeley for the first time that semester. Participants discussed strategies for successful facilitation, delivered brief presentation based on common first-day topics, and received feedback from peers.

Fellow, Summer Institute for Preparing Future Faculty – University of California, Berkeley (May – June 2015).  Instructors: Linda Von Hoene and Sabrina Sorocco.  Fellowship intended to introduce doctoral candidates from across the campus to the changing context of higher education institutions, explain the range of institution types and faculty opportunities and expectations of each, and guide the preparation of a teaching portfolio.

Student, Pedagogy Course – University of California, Berkeley, Department of City and Regional Planning (Fall 2013).  CRP 375, Instructor: Kim Suczynski-Smith. Course intended for first-time Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) in the College of Environmental Design; objectives include fulfilling all campus requirements of GSIs (including the Online GSI Professional Standards and Ethics Course), aiding GSIs in developing own pedagogical approach, and developing a community of practice to support students in first semester of teaching.

Participant, Teaching Conference for First-Time GSIs – University of California, Berkeley, GSI Teaching & Resource Center (August 2013). Conference intended to orient new GSIs to the requirements of their position, share best practices for facilitating student learning, and introduce resources to help GSIs create materials for discussion sections (including session agendas and section syllabi) and respond to student needs throughout the semester.

Grants to Support Teaching & Learning

Co-Recipient, Instructional Improvement Grant – Center for Teaching & Learning, University of California, Berkeley (Summer 2014).  Faculty Sponsor: G. Cranz. Awarded $2,990 to compile, edit, and author materials to create a Teaching Guide for Social Factors in Architecture. Teaching Guide given to GSIs in Fall 2014 and Fall 2015 to introduce new GSIs to course activities and resources for planning weekly discussion sections and aid the teaching team in coordinating activities based on desired student outcomes.

Recipient, Instructional Improvement Grant – Center for Teaching & Learning, University of California, Berkeley (Summer 2013). Faculty Sponsor: G. Cranz. Awarded $2900 to fund an Editorial Assistant position to aid with the revision of the Ethnography & Space Textbook used to guide students through an ethnographic design project in the Social Factors in Architecture and Urban Design course at UC Berkeley. As Editorial Assistant, authored new sections of the textbook including “skill spotlight” sections (on observations, literature reviews, note-taking, and creating informational posters) and glossary, compiled and edited examples of previous student work for use in text, and grading criteria for 7 project milestones.

Scholarship on Pedagogical Practices

Conference Presentation – Environmental Design Research Association Conference, Los Angeles, CA (May 2015). Session Title: “Engaging Students in Environment-Behavior Research and Education: Course Pedagogy and Student Outcomes” (co-presented with G. Cranz), part of Half-Day Intensive Program: “Pedagogical Approaches to Teaching Students How to Do Environmental Design Research.”

Peer-Reviewed Article – DeClercq, C. P., & Cranz, G. (2014). Moving beyond seating-centered learning environments: Opportunities and challenges identified in a POE of a campus library. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 40(6), 574-584. Article presents the pedagogical methods employed to engage students in conducting a class-wide Post-Occupancy Evaluation project as part of the Social Factors in Architecture & Urban Design course at UC Berkeley. PDF of article is here.


Chair, Student Leadership Committee – Health Promotion Department, University Health Services, UC Berkeley (2007 – 2009). Chaired Student Leadership Committee of Health Promotion staff involved in classroom instruction; collaboration and problem-solving regarding curriculum design and pedagogy led to coordination of course themes and created a community of practice.