Co-founded by Caitlin DeClercq and Mohammad Gharipour

An interdisciplinary online collaborative

Founded in March 2020 in response to the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Epidemic Urbanism Initiative has brought together scholars, practitioners, and the public to understand the relationship between cities and epidemics throughout history and use this knowledge to better and more equitably respond to and prevent future epidemics. This collaborative consists of: four international symposia, an international design competition, a four-part teacher-to-teacher workshop through GAHTC, and a YouTube channel. 

Book project

Epidemic Urbanism: Contagious Disease in Global Cities

This volume includes essays that deploy interdisciplinary approaches to the analysis of the mutual relationship between pandemics and the built environment. Each chapter will focuses on the story of a pandemic in a particular city or region. The book will be opened and concluded by two well-known scholars from public health and medical anthropology. These two chapters will address pandemics and epidemics in the last fifty years as well as the COVID-19 crisis and how history helps us have a better understanding of the post-COVID era.  Forthcoming December 2021.

New website

With this site, we aim to engage scholars, practitioners, policy-makers, and members of the public from across the world.